KBW Associates have access to an extensive range of global markets and asset classes. In partnership with the UK’s Number 1 online trading company we can provide clients with exposure to over 10,000 markets, including 7,000 Equity CFD’s and over 60 Foreign Exchange pairs.

Our market edge is trading efficiency with over 99.5% of all trades executed within 0.1 seconds.

Clients will also benefit from Segregated Funds* status where account monies will be separated from that of the companies, under FCA client money rules, and will therefore not be affected by any financial failures of KBW Associates or trading partners.

Please click on the asset classes below for further information on the markets covered :

  • Contract for Difference (CFD's)

    Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are growing rapidly in popularity and for the experienced investor, are proving an attractive means of gaining exposure to the economic performance and cash flows of individual equities without the need to invest in the physical underlying asset. Did you know that CFDs are now estimated to account for over 30% of all transactions on the London Stock Exchange.

    Contract for Difference (CFDs) is an agreement between two parties to settle the difference between the opening and closing price of a particular share, index, currency and commodity. The price of a CFD mirrors the price of the underlying asset.

    1. You can profit from a falling or rising market going long or going short
    2. No stamp duty is payable
    3. Traded on margin (margins as low as 5% on UK equities)
    4. Access to a wide range of markets
    5. Manage risk by using "Stop Loss" and Limit orders
  • Futures and Options

    We have access to all the major commodities, securities and derivatives markets. Often this service is used to hedge positions, depending on the client preference, it can also be used to speculate. With the careful and prudent use of Options and Option Strategies, it is possible to retain and enhance value in share portfolios. There is also the prospect of extracting the value from market volatility - regardless of direction.

  • Foreign Exchange (Forex)

    We are a highly active participant in the foreign exchange market, which is the largest and most liquid of all financial markets in the world. It is a global marketplace where financial institutions, importers, exporters, investors and hedge funds contribute towards a turnover which exceeds $3 trillion worth of currency every day. Forex dealing is popular because it is a highly liquid, transparent market open 24 hours and uses standard terms that are easily understandable. These days forex dealing is so easy you can trade from your own home computer! You can use leverage to increase your exposure to market movements.

    1. Highly Liquid and transparent
    2. Market open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week
    3. Tight spreads from as low as 1pip
    4. Trade online using our award winning trading platform
  • SIPPs

    KBW are able to help clients establish and trade their SIPP money. We are able to help you through the process from start to finish. This can be done in a in a number of ways including Cash Equity, CFDs, Forex, amongst others.

  • Equities

    We provide professional investors and institutions with access to all of the major equities markets around the world. We do not maintain principal positions and offer a fully independent service with competitive commission rates tailored to each individual account. Our cash equities service is managed by an experienced team of professionals who bring a vast knowledge of the market, gained from many years of trading in equities and derivative products.

*Segregated Funds status applies to specific trading accounts. Please contact us for details.



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